Did NASA Prove Their Own Fraud In Cydonia Releases?

Posted November 8, 2002
by James Burk

For months now, the NASA/ASU/THEMIS team has claimed than an image originally taken by Mars Odyssey's THEMIS infrared imager on May 5th, 2002 and was originally released on July 24th, 2002 was the best image available of the Cydonia region, home to the infamous "Face on Mars".

Controversy ensued when Mars anomaly researcher Richard C. Hoagland announced that another, higher-resolution version of the same image was acquired by a NASA contractor named Keith Laney. Hoagland made the announcement on the popular radio program Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. Laney downloaded the higher-resolution version on NASA's THEMIS website on the very next day, July 25th, 2002. Hoagland and Laney were attacked with accusations of data fraud from all corners of the Mars research community; accusations that they had somehow created the higher-resolution image and were making up the story for self-promotion.

However, in a subsequent release on the THEMIS website of what they claim to be the same image, NASA has only fueled the controversy. On October 31st, NASA/ASU/THEMIS released a long-awaited nighttime infrared image of Cydonia, allegedly taken on October 24th, 3 months after the above daytime image was released.

The October 31st release shows the new nighttime IR on the right side, and on the left, what they claim to be the 9th band of infrared data from the July 24th release (20020724A) However, as you can see in the below comparsion, the two are not identical. The quality of the (new) October 31st daytime image is clearly better than the July 24th. Second, the October 31st image shows more terrain in the top-most portion.

These images are taken directly from the high-resolution TIFF versions available from the THEMIS website via the hyperlinks above. (Source: NASA/ASU/THEMIS)

This proves that in the July 24th release, the NASA/ASU/THEMIS team held back a higher-resolution version of the Cydonia image with more detail to Mars researchers. It also proves that the July 24th release was "cropped" and not all of the data that was acquired by Odyssey on May 5th was included in that release.

NASA has proved their own deception in this latest October 31st release. The question now is, Why would they lie to the American public? What else are they holding back from Mars researchers?

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