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Mars Movies  

Mission to Mars | Red Planet | Mars IMAX 3D | Ghosts of Mars
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Mission to Mars

(Courtesy Touchstone)
Mission to Mars
Touchstone Pictures (Disney)
Director: Brian De Palma
Stars: Gary Sinise, Tim Robbins, Jerry O'Connell (Sliders), Don Cheadle (Boogie Nights), Connie Nielsen
Opens: March 10, 2000

Mission to Mars (M2M) was the first movie out of the gate and tells the story of a rescue mission to Mars. It's set in 2020, and the first mission has failed in some way, leaving the commander (Don Cheadle) stranded on Mars. Another four-man crew is dispatched from Earth and they find some interesting stuff when they get there... (NO SPOILERS)

Some of the action will happen on the International Space Station, which in 2020 will apparently sport an added torus wheel!

Red Planet
Warner Brothers
Director: Antony Hoffman
Stars: Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore (Saving Pvt Ryan), Carrie Ann Moss (The Matrix), Terrence Stamp
Opens: November 2000

Red Planet is set in the year 2050 -- Earth is hopelessly polluted, and the first expedition (what were they waiting for?) is sent to Mars to scout out sites for a colony which will save humanity. Not much else is known about the film, and few pictures have been released.

Mars IMAX 3D
Lightstorm Entertainment / IMAX
Director: James Cameron
Opens: Spring 2001

Mars Miniseries
Lightstorm Entertainment / Fox-TV
Producer: James Cameron
Director: Martha Coolidge
Opens: Spring 2001

This is a project being worked on by Mars Society member James Cameron, who directed Titanic, The Abyss, True Lies, Terminator 1 and 2, and many other great movies. Cameron's company, Lightstorm Entertainment is producing both an Imax 3D movie as well as a FOX-TV mini series, both to release in Spring 2001.

Set in 2012, both projects will chronicle the first mission to Mars using the Mars Direct plan (a cheap, cut-rate mission option pioneered by Dr. Robert Zubrin, President of the Mars Society.)

At an hour-long speech at the 2nd annual Mars Society convention, Cameron unveiled many pre-production storyboards and renderings of the mission, the base, and a large hydraulic rover that is being constructed for the filming. Cameron will not direct either of the projects, but as producer will enlist the help of Mars Society engineers to make the features as real and scientific as possible.

Cameron also owns the rights to the popular Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars novel trilogy written by fellow Mars Society member Kim Stanley Robinson. It is unknown if the books will be the basis of the miniseries or if that will evolve into a separate project.

Ghosts of Mars
Screen Gems (Sony)
Director: John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing, Escape from NY)
Opens: unknown (production to start Spring 2000)

The master of horror, John Carpenter, has been given the green light to develop Ghosts of Mars sometime this year. It will be set 200 years in the future, where strange Martian ghosts start to possess the human colonists on Mars. Courtney Love has signed on to star. Should be interesting...

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The NewsWire: Mars Movies
New!3-Mar-2004 - Mars Mission Confirmed (IGN Entertainment)
Variety and The Hollywood Reporter have confirmed that Paramount Pictures has tapped Spy Kids director Robert Rodriguez to helm the $100+ million adaptation of A Princess of Mars, part of Edgar Rice Burroughs' 11-volume series of John Carter sci-fi novels. Variety points out that the film – which will hopefully spawn a franchise – may ultimately be titled John Carter of Mars.
New!2-Mar-2004 - Pepsi Mars Rover Ad (Martian Soil)
Soft drink maker Pepsi have taken notice of the recent Mars craze and produced a TV spot about a scientist monitoring a Mars rover's travels, who becomes so engrossed in his Diet Pepsi, that he misses a bunch of Martians jack it up on cement blocks and try and steal its wheels.
New!2-Mar-2004 - Rodriguez Signs on for Trip to Mars (
Robert Rodriguez is a busy fellow these days. Hot on the heels of the announcement last week that he'll be adapting Frank Miller's graphic novel Sin City for the big screen comes word that he's also signed on to A Princess of Mars. Variety reports that the project, a version of author Edgar Rice Burroughs' first novel, is expected to be a big-budget flick ($100 million) thanks to CGI, with the Lord of the Rings series mentioned as a parallel. Paramount Pictures is hoping to develop it into a franchise.
30-Jan-2004 - James Cameron's Mars Reference Design (Astrobiology Magazine)
Academy Award winning film director, James Cameron, takes a tour through a human mission to Mars. His commissioned renderings of the Mars Design Reference Mission illustrate how a quarter billion miles away, a crew and cargo will meet up to build and fuel their future habitat.
3-Jan-2004 - 'Mars: Dead or Alive' is a tale fraught with drama, sci-fi elements (The Oregonian)
Fans of suspense adventures will soon learn the end of a story that started a long time ago -- last year, at the very least. In the imagination, decades -- if not centuries. Another American spacecraft is due to land on Mars tonight. Sunday's "Mars: Dead or Alive," a "Nova" documentary on the project, provides detailed background on the project.
29-Dec-2003 - PBS Show Has Rover Zooming Toward Mars (ABCNews)
The final minutes of "Mars Dead or Alive" promise to be as gripping as a movie cliffhanger and the best reality TV going. The PBS "NOVA" special details the building and launch of a Mars-bound rover set to land on the red planet Saturday one day before the program airs. The ending, at this moment, is literally a blank. The film's final 2 1/2-minute sequence will be hastily added when the fate of Spirit is known. The title is no exaggeration: Mars is a "graveyard" for half the spacecraft sent there, we are told.
25-Dec-2003 - Blur wait to hear if there's life on Mars (NME)
As the rest of the country settles down with the turkey today (December 25), members of BLUR will be holed up inside CHESHIRE’s JODRELL BANK OBSERVATORY – waiting on word back from life on Mars. Today sees the climax of the band-backed Beagle 2 project, the British effort to land on Mars. If things go to plan, the probe will land on the planet’s surface on Christmas Day and the first signal we Earthlings will hear back will be a Blur song.
17-Dec-2003 - The Big Picture: Ascent of the Red Planet (The Sydney Morning Herald)
In its early moments this documentary, hosted by British actor Brian Blessed, ponders whether man could ascend the biggest mountain on Mars, Olympus Mons, a massive peak three times as high as Everest. It might have proceeded as a predictable vanity exercise for an actor, playing the hero, and dashing to a TV-produced finish line. In fact, Blessed proves he's more than up to the task and the results make for breathtaking television.
15-Dec-2003 - Race To Mars team unveiled (The Globe and Mail)
After months of deliberating over 27 proposals submitted for Discovery's Race to Mars project, a winning production team has been named at the World Congress of Science Producers in Paris. The triumphant group consists of Galafilm Productions, Snap Media and Mentorn. Race to Mars will encompass a television event consisting of several docudramas and a companion reality series simulating a daring human expedition to the Red Planet, all shot in HD. On-line interactivity and games, as well as a companion book will support this initiative.
28-Nov-2003 - Calling all dreamers (The Daily Herald)
"Michelle! Do you want to go to Mars?" "Let's go!" The two young girls dashed off to Mars, reinforcing the premise of the newest Pacific Science Center exhibition - "Space" - that an exhibit, a film, a speech can be an inspiration for a young person. Ask Susan Helms. As a child, she visited the center and was inspired to dream of becoming an astronaut. Today, Air Force Col. Susan Helms holds the record for the longest space walk, spent six months on a space station and starred in the IMAX film "Space Station 3D."
19-Nov-2003 - Animation show draws in edgy cartoons (The Orion)
The collection of animated short films features a wide variety of films from different countries and even different eras, like the very rare excerpt from "Mars and Beyond" -- a 1957 Disney film.
13-Nov-2003 - Come to Disney, go to Mars (The Japan Times)
Mission: Space, a new ride/space flight simulator at Epcot Center, part of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, takes Disney guests in a whole new direction -- straight up into space. The byproduct of a partnership between computer giant Hewlett Packard and Disney, Mission: Space cost approximately $100 million to construct, making it one of the most expensive attractions at the world-famous theme park. It is also the most technologically advanced attraction.
13-Nov-2003 - Animated shorts showcase artwork (Oregon Daily Emerald)
The show, which has been touring the country since mid-September, is a compilation of animated shorts from around the world. Many of the selections have been nominated for Academy Awards, among other honors; most have been in circulation for a few years. Anyone who follows animation closely probably won't be seeing anything new, but what the show does offer is a collection of some of the best, most beautiful work of the past few years. One of the most interesting selections is "Mars and Beyond," part of a series of color shorts done for Disney in 1957 by Ward Kimball. The film is a nature documentary theorizing what life on Mars would be like and borders on the surreal in both its vision and brilliance.
4-Nov-2003 - Sweet Sweetback goes to Mars (Village Voice)
Shot in Black Panther Oakland in the early '70s, the legendary funkadelic independent Afro-centric underground blaxploitation film Space Is the Place decrees that intergalactic cultural and free-jazz revolutions will indeed be televised. Imagine Sweet Sweetback Goes to Mars. John Coney's feature has caped crusader Sun Ra, benignly enigmatic throughout, fighting a war of mind control against the satanic, supernatural pimp known as the Overseer.
30-Oct-2003 - National Geographic Channel to launch Mission Mars (agencyfaqs!)
To increase viewer involvement with National Geographic (NGC), the infotainment channel plans to launch a new programming initiative, Mission Mars, in January next year. The much-touted programme will coincide with NASA’s probes landing on Mars. Mission Mars will be telecast across the world, with exclusive behind-the-scenes look at NASA and the scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, the masterminds of the Mars space programme. Mission Mars, in a way, is expected to follow up on the success of Mission Everest, launched earlier this year.
28-Oct-2003 - Move over Space Mountain, Epcot Center takes visitors on thrill ride to Mars (TechTV)
If you've been dying to take a ride into space, there are three ways to go about it. You can go through years of training to become an astronaut. You can sign up for a citizen-in-space program and pay for the trip, just like Dennis Tito did. The going rate these days is a cool $20 million. Or you can pay far less than that by heading to Orlando, Fla. Tonight on "Tech Live" we take you to Disney's Epcot Center where a new ride could be the closest thing to the real going-to-space thing, and it's right here on Earth.
27-Oct-2003 - Real hoax of Martian invasion is on us (The Toronto Star)
Did the infamous Orson Welles The War Of The Worlds broadcast actually cause mass hysteria, or was it the biggest hoax to be found in the fact that we believe so many panicked?
23-Oct-2003 - Radio Beat: Oct. 30, 1938 -- The broadcast that scared a nation (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
Radio's most famous broadcast celebrates -- if that's the right word -- its 65th anniversary this Halloween eve, a literal and figurative dramatic presentation that shook the nation from New York to Concrete, Wash. The CBS Radio network's production of H.G. Wells' science-fiction novel "The War of the Worlds" aired on Oct. 30, 1938, locally on KIRO and KVI (both were CBS affiliates at the time). The P-I listed the production, part of "Mercury Theater of the Air," as one of the "best bets."
22-Oct-2003 - NGC has planed a media buzz for the next big budget 'Mission Mars' (
Guess what it pays to package. After the success of Mission Everest, National Geographic Channel has announced its next big programming and marketing initiative Mission Mars. The infotainment channel plans to invest $ 2 million for the initiative. In a bid to spread the spirit of exploration and adventure, the latest initiative Mission Mars is another big step towards emphasizing the channel's positioning as the provider of wholesome, credible entertainment, says a company release. Scheduled to air in January 2004, to coincide with Nasa's probes landing on Mars, the special will provide an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Nasa. The channel will also offer a special peek into works of the scientists at the Jet propulsion laboratory in California, the masterminds of the Mars space program.
20-Oct-2003 - China Space Shot Is a Real-Life Movie (ABCNews)
By bringing "taikonaut" Yang Liwei safely home from orbit, China's communists staged the most compelling production of their 54 years in power. Because the Shenzhou 5 mission, while grounded in science and the military, was at heart pure Hollywood blockbuster. "China's manned `Star Trek' signals a brighter future," the state-controlled newspaper China Daily enthused.
17-Oct-2003 - The Flaming Lips are kissing the road goodbye for a while (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
Tuesday night may be the last chance to see the fabulous Flaming Lips for quite a while. This may be disappointing news for avid fans who love to dress up in outrageous costumes to attend the Flaming Lips' flamboyant, balloon-filled shows. But while the Lips will be off the road, they won't be far from reach. An EP titled "Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell" is due in November, and a DVD will be out shortly thereafter. There's also a much-delayed movie, "Christmas on Mars," due in the fall of 2004.
17-Oct-2003 - The Voices of a Distant Star (DVD) (Anime News Network)
Makoto Shinkai's Voices of a Distant Star is truly a work of love--created, produced, and animated all by a single man. Using the focus and cohesiveness that only an individual work can provide, Shinkai has created a masterpiece, blending luscious animation, a tear-jerking story, and beautifully honest dialogue to create one of 2003's very finest releases.
11-Oct-2003 - Aldrin finds latest Disney ride out of this world (Daily Record)
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin has had another taste of space travel ... by blasting off on Walt Disney World in Florida's newest ride. The space veteran, the second man ever to walk on the Moon, rocketed to Mars on the world's most expensive roller coaster and loved every minute of it. The hi-tech Mission: SPACE will let thrillseekers experience what it is really like to blast off towards the stars.
10-Oct-2003 - Experience a thrilling 4D adventure to Mars (
Dragon 4D F/X Theater has been offering sensory 4-D rides that exceed the virtual level such as Himalamazon and Dino Island since their grand opening in March. Their virtual reality attractions give you the four-dimensional amusement, amazement and excitement of a high-speed story that races all over the theater. The latest attraction, Mars (Space Odyssey to Mars), is now open at Dragon 4D F/X Theater. This is a science fiction tale that takes place in the not-too-distant future, when many people move to Mars, Earth's new frontier.
9-Oct-2003 - Animation film festival brimming with fun (The Plain Dealer)
People who love animation but can't take the bad-taste-and-gore-fest that is "Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation" should find that "The Animation Show" is just their speed. "The Animation Show" screens this weekend at the Cleveland Cinematheque. Show times are 9:30 p.m. tomorrow, 7:30 p.m. Saturday and 8:50 p.m. Sunday.
7-Oct-2003 - So you want to be an astronaut (MACHINE DESIGN)
To experience the thrill of space travel, you can pursue a university technical degree, be accepted into the U.S. astronaut program, train for years, and possibly get a seat on a shuttle mission. Or, you can do the next best thing and plunk down $52 at Walt Disney World Resort to ride its newest Epcot attraction: Mission: SPACE. Mission: SPACE - conceived, designed, and developed by Walt Disney Imagineering - is set several decades into the future at the International Space Training Center. "Astronauts in training" board capsules that hang from the arms of four independent centrifuges. Sophisticated hardware and software, high-fidelity visuals and audio, and special lighting, perfectly synchronized with capsule motions, simulate what it feels like to launch into deep space. "It's an amazing experience," says Senior Show Producer Bob Zalk, Walt Disney Imagineering. "In fact, it's out of this world. Guests will certainly say this ride is unlike any other experience they have had before."
3-Oct-2003 - Whether fresh or from the vaults, 'Animation Show' draws from the best (The Salt Lake Tribune)
With "The Animation Show," animators Mike Judge ("King of the Hill," "Beavis and Butt-Head") and Don Hertzfeldt (an Oscar nominee for "Rejected") put together a program of animated shorts that have one thing in common: They all are really cool.
3-Oct-2003 - 'Lips On Mars (dotmusic)
The Flaming Lips' long-awaited feature film, 'Christmas On Mars', will be released before the end of the year, dotmusic can confirm. The movie, written and directed by frontman Wayne Coyne, tells the story of Major Syrtis and his experiences of spending the festive season on a newly colonised Mars. Coyne described the movie as: "Maybe 'Eraserhead' or 'Dead Man' crossed with some kind of fantasy and space aspects, like 'The Wizard of Oz' and maybe '2001: A Space Odyssey', except done without real actors or money, and set at Christmas-time."
24-Sep-2003 - The Animation Show (Seattle Weekly)
This festival of animated shorts should attract a wide audience. Serious cinephiles will want to check out ambitious, Oscar-nominated foreign titles like Katedra, which recalls Final Fantasy in its stunning resemblance to live-action sci-fi, and La Course a L'Abime, a gay romp in the world of Impressionism set to the strains of Berlioz's "The Damnation of Faust." Connoisseurs of the lowbrow will revel in early works by Beavis and Butthead creator (and Show co-producer) Mike Judge; the festival's other producer, Don Hertzfeldt, supplies several of his patented gag reels—wicked, mean, and piss-your-pants funny. Trust me: Until you've seen stick- figure children get the beating of their lives from demonic balloons, you have not truly lived. Special bonus: an excerpt from Mars and Beyond, a quasi-hallucinatory 1957 cartoon that speculates about life on Mars with enough visual imagination to make would-be Asimovs whimper with delight.
9-Sep-2003 - The Excitement of Space Exploration...Captured in Song! (Prometheus Music)
A unique project — over 4 years in the making — is finally coming to fruition. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the National Space Society (NSS) sponsored a strange and unusual competition: the Apollo Awards for Space Songwriting. The winning entries, along with new works from selected singer/songwriters and winners of the Mars Society's similar Rouget de Lisle contest, are featured on a wonderful new album from Prometheus Music. It's called To Touch the Stars -- A Musical Celebration of Space Exploration, and it's in the final mastering phase at Fantasy Studios now, with an expected release date this Christmas.
8-Sep-2003 - Spirit Of Wonder: The Movie (
The movie is a combination of two short films and two very short films using one of the lead characters as the focus. The main story here is about The Scientific Boys Club (volumes 1 & 2). Set in the recent past, initially at least, the story began with a scientific convention centering on the Viking spacecraft mission to Mars...
28-Aug-2003 - Sometimes, Mars movies just can’t get respect (
Mars attacks – but sometimes Mars laughs. In our last episode, we saw how Hollywood science fiction tended to project period anxieties – communism, infiltration, nuclear destruction, etc. – onto the Red Planet. Sometimes, though, Mars was the butt of jokes. Still, there’s apparently just enough magic to keep the cameras intrigued. Director Timothy Hines is shooting a new version of War of the Worlds for Paramount, and rumor has it that Paramount also is developing an adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars novels, complete with four-armed warriors and bronzed princesses.
25-Aug-2003 - Mission: SPACE - Choose to go! (collectSPACE)
Its the year 2036, 75 years after cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin paved the way for humanity into space, and the International Space Training Center now complements NASA by screening the thousands of hopeful candidates to help settle the new Mars base. At least, that is the premise behind Mission: SPACE, the newest attraction to open at Walt Disney World Resorts' Epcot Center. Billed as the most extreme and technologically advanced ride Disney has ever attempted, Mission: SPACE (M:S) is part flight simulator, part thrill ride, and part educational experience.
24-Aug-2003 - Get Close to Mars with Books, Film, Music (
Although the historic close proximity of Mars this week is for a limited time only, skywatchers with Martians on the brain can continue feeding their red planet hunger with a variety of popular culture mediums available on Earth. Over the last century or so, Mars has been viewed many ways in books, film and music. Writers and filmmakers have made it the home of antagonistic aliens and the next New World for human pioneers. At least one movie has credited the planet for seeding Earth with life as we know it.
22-Aug-2003 - RTX Red Rock (The Globe and Mail)
so wanted to like this game. Not only is it a LucasArts creation, but the plot — as presented in the opening cut scene — is so reminiscent of Aliens that it's almost a ripoff. Right there, you've got traces of Star Wars and James Cameron coming together — a veritable dream pairing for sci-fi fans. So far so good. But it doesn't take long for RTX Red Rock to fall down.
18-Aug-2003 - The Flaming Lips DVD-Audio Disc Released By Warner Music Vision (The Audio Revolution)
Warner Music Vision has just announced the September 22, 2003 release of the Flaming Lips "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" on DVD-Audio. The DVD-A includes 5.1 surround sound mixes of all the songs originally featured on the CD version of the album, plus 10 video clips including singer/front man Wayne Coyne being interviewed about "The Making of the Yoshimi DVD-Audio album", the "Christmas On Mars" movie trailer, plus six new songs in surround that weren't featured on the original CD album.
15-Aug-2003 - Disney launches Mission: SPACE (collectSPACE)
The excitement, thrill and rush of rocketing into outer space has come to Walt Disney World's Epcot with the opening today of Mission: SPACE to the public. Visitors who "accept the mission" will engage in an experience that launches them into a simulated space adventure -- from liftoff to the sensations of traveling though outer space on a mission to Mars.
4-Aug-2003 - Mission: SPACE Ready to Take Guests on Flights to Mars (
There's no need to wait for NASA to come up with a way to get astronauts to Mars. Guests of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando will soon have a new way to experience the trip by stepping inside Mission: SPACE -- a long-awaited, space-themed ride that is arguably the most technologically advanced amusement ever developed by Disney Imagineers. The Epcot attraction is scheduled to "soft open" to the public Aug. 15. That will be followed by a star-studded, grand opening celebration in October. "We have worked for a long time about doing 'space' at Epcot because it's just such a natural fit with what we're about here," said Brad Rex, Disney's vice president in charge of Epcot. "This is a tribute to NASA and the space program." Sponsored by HP, the attraction was designed with the full support of the space agency and is believed to have cost Disney more than $100 million to develop and construct.
27-Jul-2003 - Epcot flight to Mars is set for takeoff (The Plain Dealer)
The newest thrill ride at Walt Disney World's Epcot is a simulated rocket flight to Mars heavy on "Gee whiz" and G-forces. It remains to be seen whether Mission: Space also will lift the theme park's flagging attendance skyward. Mission: Space made its debut for journalists this month and officially launches Aug. 15, with a grand opening celebration slated for October.
7-Jul-2003 - The Mars Media Project (Space Frontier Foundation)
The Mars Media Project involves the making of a pop-music video about humans-to-Mars that will be filmed on Devon Island in the high Canadian Arctic. The Mars Media Project activity on Devon will be hosted by the NASA Haughton-Mars Project (HMP) as part of their Education and Public Outreach program for 2003. Our very own Mars Project Coordinator, Advocate and Board member, Elaine Walker, was invited by the NASA HMP to do just that! She will be spending one week on Devon Island this July 22-28 as a Space Frontier Foundation representative on the HMP-2003 expedition. The music video, filmed for a pop song she has written, will help to promote the idea of humans traveling to Mars to young audiences. The video footage will be mixed after returning from Devon Island, and every effort will be put into getting it on the airwaves!
6-Jun-2003 - Hurd Goes To Mars (SciFi Wire)
Producer Gale Ann Hurd (Hulk, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) has signed a deal with the SCI FI Channel to produce the six-hour miniseries, Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars. Based on Robinson's best-selling novel of the same name, Red Mars chronicles the epic adventure of the first hundred colonists on Mars and their perilous mission to create a new world.
27-May-2003 - Titanic Director Plans 3-D Film (Wired News)
James Cameron, whose technological wizardry helped make Titanic the highest-grossing film in history, is convinced celluloid is on its way out. And to help send it to its grave, the director says he will start production early next year on one of the most ambitious movies ever made: a high-definition, 3-D digital feature. The topic of his planned movie is a secret. Some Cameron watchers speculate that it might be his long-planned epic about the first manned trip to Mars. But Cameron is making no secret of his belief that the movie-going public is now ready for the biggest transformation in the movie business since talkies were invented.
12-Apr-2003 - Cameron back to Titanic with 3-D movie (The Post and Courier)
All right, so James Cameron delivered the textbook case for creating a sequel that can stand on its own without merely copycatting the original (''Aliens"). He made science fiction smart and rousing in the relatively low-budget "The Terminator," then pioneered morphing visual effects in its sequel, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." He launched modern cinema's biggest blockbuster with "Titanic," dominating the Academy Awards and luring teenage girls back to see it again and again to pine over Leonardo DiCaprio. But what's he done for us lately?
11-Apr-2003 - A moviemaker's space mission (MSNBC)
It’s no big secret anymore that James Cameron, the Oscar-winning director behind “Titanic” and the new 3-D film “Ghosts of the Abyss,” had his hopes set on getting into space. He even visited Russia’s cosmonaut training facility in Star City to find out if he had the right stuff to go to the international space station (and was told that he did). This summer I’m completing a film that I started last year, that’s an expedition film,” said Cameron, whose expedition to the sunken German battleship Bismarck was the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary. Then he’ll work on a hush-hush 3-D feature film project. Whatever that project turns out to be, it’s not going to be Cameron’s long-simmering saga about a future mission to Mars.
1-Apr-2003 - Cameron's Mars On Hold (Sci Fi Wire)
Director James Cameron told SCI FI Wire that he has put plans on hold for a fictionalized film about a manned expedition to Mars until NASA gears up space exploration again in the wake of the Columbia shuttle accident. But the director added that the movie is still in his plans. "I only need to make that film sometime before we actually go [to Mars]," Cameron said in an interview.
1-Apr-2003 - Sci Fi Going to Mars (
The Sci Fi Channel is planning to send a dozen civilians to Mars. Mind you, ratings for "Taken" weren't so good that the cable network can actually afford a mission to the red planet. Instead, Sci Fi is developing a new unscripted series that will simulate what it might be like if earthlings were ever to colonize Mars. The series, titled "Life on Mars," is one of several unscripted shows (Sci Fi calls them "alternative reality" programs) the network has in development.
22-Dec-2002 - In Baghdad, war's shadow never far off amid everyday life (The Olympian)
Martians land on Saddoun Avenue here every night, on a mission to save mankind. The people of Baghdad love it. The space aliens, in aluminum-foil suits, count a beautiful blonde, a sour-faced midget and a Darth Vader-like character among their crew. A "drunken" comedian speaks for humanity. The laughs have rocked the Victory Theater for four years, as the surreal farce "I Saw It With My Own Eyes ..." has played to sold-out crowds and delivered a "message from Mars" that, for these particular Earthlings, strikes an all-too-real chord.
11-Dec-2002 - New GameCube Screenshots: RTX Red Rock (
Radical Tactics Experts, who evolved out of the military's special forces, are the smartest and toughest members of the armed services, uniquely known for their strategic thinking, adaptability, and pure military muscle. Individuals from this elite unit are trained for insertion into undefined combat situations where even a small team is too large and unwieldy. In RTX Red Rock players immerse themselves into the role of Wheeler, who engages in fierce tactical combat, investigates mysterious, foreboding environments, and solves challenging puzzles to reclaim the Red Rock colony on Mars.
6-Dec-2002 - Wood To Spend Christmas On Mars (
Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood has been signed up to star in bizarre movie directed by one of his favourite bands - rockers The Flaming Lips. The young Hollywood actor was asked to star in Christmas on Mars after meeting the Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots rockers in L.A. recently.
4-Nov-2002 - 'Red Faction II' (PS2) Review (TechTV)
The Faction is back, and here at "Extended Play," we're off to join the revolution. The sequel to last year's underrated PS2 and PC first-person shooter on Mars, "Red Faction," takes us to Earth this time around.
29-Oct-2002 - Christmas With The Flaming Lips (
When they're not busy touring with the likes of Beck or Cake, or releasing (and re-releasing) inventive albums with long titles, The Flaming Lips choose to spend their free time with a typical rock 'n' roll pastime... shooting a feature film about Christmas on Mars. On the phone from his home in Fredonia, NY, drummer/keyboardist Steven Drozd talks all about the side project to end all side projects...
29-Oct-2002 - TNT Readies Genre Films (SciFi Wire)
TNT's slate of original movies for 2004 includes several genre telefilms, Variety reported. The two-hour movies will be produced for around $8 million apiece. Production start dates range from January to summer 2003, the trade paper reported. The slate includes the following film: The space-race-themed Voyage to Mars, based on the book of the same title by Laurence Bergreen.
21-Oct-2002 - It’s only a radio drama (Daily Hampshire Gazette)
It's hard to imagine the country-wide hysteria occasioned by the Orson Welles/Mercury Theater radio broadcast of H. G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" on Halloween Eve in 1938. I mean, couldn't they just jump on the Internet and find out it was theater? But cause a furor it did, as radio stations and newspapers all over the country were deluged with calls from panicked listeners to what seemed like a music program being interrupted by news reports of an invasion from Mars. Now, Soundplays, the Valley company dedicated to presenting live radio drama, aims to show what all the shouting was about. With live sound effects and a cast of nine playing more than 20 roles, the company will perform the drama regarded by historians as the most famous broadcast in the history of radio in two shows, separated by the Coolidge Bridge, on October 26.
18-Oct-2002 - 3-D Film Pioneer Pink Dies (SciFi Wire)
Sidney Pink, a movie producer who pioneered 3-D feature-length movies in the 1950s, died Oct. 13 at his home in Pompano Beach, Fla., after a long illness, the Los Angeles Times reported. He was 86. In 1959, Pink co-wrote and produced The Angry Red Planet, the tale of the first expedition to Mars. The SF movie was filmed in what was advertised as a "revolutionary" process called "Cinemagic," a printing-process technique that gave the Mars scenes a pink glow, the newspaper reported.
13-Oct-2002 - A War of Words (The Salt Lake Tribune)
Joyce Cohen, who is directing a re-enactment of the broadcast of "War of the Worlds" for Plan-B Theatre Company, does not expect such an extreme reaction when the "radio play" debuts Friday at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center's Studio Theatre. She does think audiences will be intrigued by the chance to witness a radio broadcast as it was done in 1938. And she believes people will be drawn into the spooky story, which still has eerie relevance. "I don't think there will be people running into the streets in panic. It would be nice -- but I don't think that's going to happen," Cohen said with a laugh. "But it's a great tale. And now, after Sept. 11 [2001], we as people in America can truly understand what it is like to never expect to be invaded, and then be invaded."
4-Oct-2002 - Chaos reigns supreme in out-of-this-world 'Mars' (The Herald)
Review: It might be impossible to navigate, but the show must go on. And so the Farndale Church Guild theater group -- the British version of the five stooges, the reason directors take up knitting and which is pictured under incompetence in the dictionary -- return in the Edge of the World Theatre's production of David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jr.'s comedy, "They Came From Mars and Landed Outside the Farndale Avenue Church Hall in Time for the Townswomen's Guild's Coffee Morning."
10-May-2002 - Cruise to remake 'War Of The Worlds' (JAM! Movies)
Tom Cruise is going to the H.G. Wells well for his next project, a remake of the sci-fi classic "The War Of The Worlds." Variety reports Cruise will co-produce the film with his partner Paula Wagner and Paramount. There's a chance he'll also star in the project, which is scheduled to begin shooting in 2003. The original novel was published in 1898 and detailed the valiant efforts of earthlings to fend off an invasion from Mars.
12-Apr-2002 - Paramount options 'John Carter of Mars' (CNN)
Paramount Pictures sees green in the red planet, inking a deal to acquire rights to an 11-volume science fiction adventure series written decades ago by Edgar Rice Burroughs, author of the original "Tarzan" legend, Variety reports. Under the deal, Paramount has agreed to option the "John Carter of Mars" serial for a $300,000 upfront fee and to pay a $2 million sum if the studio brings the work to production. Paramount-based producers Jim Jacks and Sean Daniels' Alphaville Prods. plans to turn the first book into a movie. Although Burroughs is best known for having penned the iconic "Tarzan of the Apes," the English writer's first book was "A Princess of Mars." Written in 1912, it was serialized in All-Story magazine under his nom de plume, Normal Bean.
30-Mar-2002 - Author Ray Bradbury to receive star on Walk of Fame (San Diego Union-Tribune)
Ray Bradbury, whose novels and short stories have taken readers to Mars and the future, has come down to Earth on the street of dreams. On Monday, the author of "The Martian Chronicles" and many other classic science fiction novels will receive the 2,193rd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mayor Jim Hahn, actor Charlton Heston and other officials are expected to attend.
2-Jan-2002 - Flaming Lips Spew About New Album, Martian Christmas Movie (MTV)
Few alternative rock musicians have challenged themselves quite like the Flaming Lips. Over the past five years they have created "Parking Lot Experiment," a symphony performed with dozens of car stereo tape decks each playing different music, Zaireeka, a box set of four different CDs meant to be played simultaneously, and the beautifully atmospheric pop album The Soft Bulletin. Now the Lips are back in the studio working on their next full-length record, tentatively due in May. As mind-blowing as the group's next record promises to be, the project that's really twisting Coyne's synapses is a full-length motion picture he and his bandmates are writing, directing, scoring and acting in called "Xmas on Mars." "Xmas on Mars" is tentatively scheduled for release next Christmas and is about people on an isolated colony on Mars who are suffering from depression and becoming suicidal. To ease his comrades' suffering, one resident, played by Lips drummer Steven Drozd, decides to put on a Christmas pageant to celebrate the birth of one of the colonist's babies.
13-Dec-2001 - John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars (
John Carpenter likes to put his name in front of movies. Perhaps he does this to seem like an auteur, a director of vision, an innovator. He has directed some of my favorite low-brow films (Big Trouble in Little China and Escape from New York). These films have a vision, a style, a sort of mindless glee. Ghosts of Mars has nothing. It leaves no mark. It has no effect. It isn't even really bad; it's just there. John Carpenter's name may be in front of the title but it could have been directed by any sub-par creator of sci-fi/horror. The movie has a relatively interesting setting: a human colony on Mars ruled by martial law and a matriarchal society. This should provide Carpenter with fodder for some dynamic power struggles and interactions between the characters, but he does nothing with his matriarchal setting. It's just an excuse to make Natasha Henstridge the lead character instead of Jason Stratham.
11-Dec-2001 - Fun on the fourth rock (The Star)
Planet Earth’s red neighbour has long been the inspiration for a healthy number of works ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to sci-fi books. Now you can add Volition’s Red Faction game for the PC to that list. Unless you’ve been really stuck on Mars, you’ll know that Red Faction is the much-awaited first person shooter (FPS) from the people responsible for the Descent and Freespace series. Released earlier this year on the PlayStation2 platform, Red Faction puts you in the mining boots of Parker who unwittingly finds himself being pushed into the forefront of a miner revolt on Mars.
7-Oct-2001 - War Of The Worlds Production Remains Suspended (SpaceDaily)
Pendragon Pictures' principals are concerned over a rumor that production of War of the Worlds is about to resume on October 8th. Director Timothy Hines expresses dismay at the rumor, "It is absolutely not true that War of the Worlds is about to resume. "The reality is that we are massively reworking the script in the wake of the World Trade Center disaster and we will not be able to go before the cameras for a little over a year." The Pendragon principals lost a close friend and investor in War of the Worlds in the World Trade Center attack.
12-Sep-2001 - War Of The Worlds On Hiatus Due To WTC Disaster (Pendragon Pictures)
Pendragon Pictures announces that, due to many story similarities of their production of WAR OF THE WORLDS to the tragic and horrific events surrounding the World Trade Center attack, production is forced to go on hiatus. For at least one to two weeks the principles at Pendragon Pictures will assess the project's potential effects on the spirit of the world. WAR OF THE WORLDS direct Timothy Hines comments, "I don't, in any way, wish to potentially contribute to the pain and grief of those affected by this senseless act of terror."
5-Sep-2001 - War of the Worlds (Halloween 2002) (CHUD)
The new version of the HG Wells classic War of the Worlds is gearing up to start shooting on October 15, and the filmmakers have been taking advantage of an act of God to get some nice FX shots for the film: they travelled to Washington state to get footage of real forest fires. Says producer Susan Goforth:"I've never seen anything like it in my life. There are just no words to describe the experience of being so close to a curtain of fire rising into the sky and stretching on for miles. Wafts of heat constantly remind you of forces that are greater than our own. [Director] Timothy [Hines] was so excited. He kept moving in closer and closer with the camera. I was very worried as to how far we were pushing those boundaries. I had to keep reminding Timothy that we didn't want to announce that the principals of the new WAR OF THE WORLDS movie perished while filming forest fires."
31-Aug-2001 - Send Your Kids to Mars at the Space Center (International Herald Tribune)
A live stage show for children, "Mad Mission to Mars 2025," recently opened at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida. Comedy and music, along with special effects and 3-D computer animation, transform guests into "astronaut trainees" on a virtual trip to Mars. During the show, scale-size models of planets are placed in the audience to simulate the solar system. Staff members choose volunteers from the audience to help demonstrate aspects of living and working in space.
20-Aug-2001 - Carpenter Mined Earth For Mars (
John Carpenter, director of the upcoming SF thriller film Ghosts of Mars, told SCI FI Wire that he derived the idea for the Red Planet's possessed human savages from primitive Earth cultures. "Science fiction is a mirror," Carpenter said in an interview. "So anything in the future's got to resonate with us here. We looked at kind of ancient war cultures--tribes going way back to the Celts, the Vikings and all those guys."
20-Aug-2001 - A horror western set on Mars (Ottawa Citizen)
John Carpenter, who first made his mark with low-budget shockers like Assault on Precinct 13 before achieving international fame with Halloween in 1978, has wanted to make a Mars movie for nearly two decades. "Throughout our civilized history, Mars has been a symbolic deal to human beings. Mars himself was the god of war, of blood lust, passion, death ... all that kind of good stuff that movies are made of." But for a long time, Carpenter couldn't find a plot idea for the kind of Mars movie he wanted to make. Finally, about three years ago, an idea started to jell.
16-Aug-2001 - Ghost's of Mars Movie Review (
It’s bad form for a movie critic to review an audience. Especially at a free screening of a movie where the audience has no vested interest, because you expect a certain amount of restlessness among the masses. However, with "John Carpenter’s Ghosts Of Mars," I’m making an exception as I counted no less than 20 people walking out of the theater 30 minutes into the film. With mutilations and decapitations filling the screen every five minutes, it’s a small wonder why. With "Ghosts Of Mars," which resembles warmed over episodes of "The Twilight Zone" and outtakes from "Escape From New York," it seems Carpenter attempted to recapture both of those elements. Unfortunately, he just ended up with a horrible gross out film that a first year film student could easily improve upon. In Carpenter's defense, while walking out of the theater I heard a young man say, "Dude, that film was awesome." That comment made me stop and think. Maybe Carpenter hasn’t lost the elements of his earlier films after all. Forget about art. The man knows the business of movie making and how to make a fast buck from the audience he’s aiming for.
3-Aug-2001 - Get a sneak peak at John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars starring Ice Cube (Yahoo!)
Horror master John Carpenter returns with the tale of a colony on Mars in the year 2176. While mining the planet for natural resources, a crew unearths a relic, unleashing hostile spirits hellbent on ridding the red planet of humans. Get an exclusive glimpse at Ice Cube & Natasha Henstridge, as they struggle for survival against the ghastly Ghosts of Mars, in these film clips.
27-Jul-2001 - Is there conceptual art on Mars? (Guardian Unlimited)
Ten years ago, artists who couldn't get represented by regular galleries began staging shows in warehouses. Now artists who can't get seen in warehouses have begun exhibiting on Mars. The Mars Patent is a speculative project by the Hamburg-based duo Claudia Reiche and Helene von Oldenburg. It has a similar ring of hokum to the transatlantic real estate scams of the 19th century, which caused avid pioneers to be presented with patches of South Carolinian swamp. The pair have reserved a rectangular patch of the red planet (a 3148 sq km site in the equatorial lowland area known as Elysium Planitia, if you must know) and are inviting applications for artistic projects to install there, scientific advances permitting.
25-Jul-2001 - 'John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars' Advance Screening Pass Giveaway (
Sign up today to win passes for two to a special preview screening of Sony Pictures' 'John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars' on Wednesday, August 15th at 7:30 PM. From the famed director of 'Vampires' and 'Escape From New York', 'John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars' is a harrowing tale of rescue and escape from a colonized Mars in the year 2025.
19-Jul-2001 - War of the Worlds to Invade in 2002 (IGN FilmForce)
Pendragon Pictures announces that its production of WAR OF THE WORLDS will premiere for general release on Halloween, October 31, 2002 instead of summer 2003, as originally planned. Director Timothy Hines explains, "As the details of our production became more refined, we realized we had it within our grasp to release by Halloween, which I really want to do as Halloween is the night Orson Welles broadcast his famous radio version of WAR OF THE WORLDS. I feel the approach to our production has a great deal in common with the approach Orson Welles took with the material, and we will make history on Halloween night, 2002."
16-Jul-2001 - The Gifts Of Mars (CHUD)
Mars, 2176 AD. Long inhabited by human settlers, the Red Planet has become the dark and dangerous manifest destiny of an over-populated Earth. 640,000 people now live and work at far-flung outposts all over Mars, mining the planet for its abundant natural resources. But one of those mining operations has uncovered a deadly mother lode: a long-dormant Martian civilization whose warriors, now unleashed and apparently unstoppable, are systematically taking over the bodies of human intruders, bent on ridding the planet of the invaders from Earth.
13-Jul-2001 - Red-hot action game for a cool planet (Reuters)
The raised fist wielding a pickaxe, framed against a red background, makes "Red Faction" look like an advertisement for the Communist Workers Party. In reality, it's a $50 PlayStation 2 game from THQ set on Mars, also known as the Red Planet. In the story, Mars has become a mining colony established by the conglomerate Ultor, which lures workers with brochures inviting people to "Come to Mars. Help Make a New World!" As it turns out, workers of this new world SHOULD unite. New arrivals find themselves crammed into tiny living quarters, made to sleep in beds used by other miners, and forced to endure the bullying of guards who have no qualms about beating anyone who complains. And to make matters worse, a mysterious illness known simply as The Plague is randomly killing workers. Seemingly healthy people suddenly collapse, sometimes writhing in pain. Workers may be able to come to Mars, but they never seem to make it home.
5-Jul-2001 - Lights, camera, interaction (Los Angeles Times Syndicate)
I've seen the future of cinema. But it went by so fast, I caught only about half of it. Last month, "Vital Space," a high-tech, interactive movie that lets viewers play along and control the plot, opened at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington. The 35-minute flick is sort of an updated version of the 1966 sci-fi adventure "Fantastic Voyage" (younger readers, think Martin Short in "Innerspace"), in which the audience travels inside the human body to diagnose what's ailing a scientist returning from Mars in 2020.
24-Jun-2001 - Adding new wrinkles to old idea (Denver Post)
"Red Faction" for PlayStation 2 owes plenty to the first-person-shooter games that have come before it - especially "Half-Life," from which it borrows its story-driven approach to carnage. But to simply disregard it as a cheap imitator would deny it the credit it deserves. Not only does the game pour plenty of fun into the genre, it serves up a few innovations of its own as well. The game starts with a cinematic narration in which you discover your character has left Earth, hoping for better fortunes in the mines of Mars. Here you find yourself trapped in a savage prisonlike environment with no hope of escape.
20-Jun-2001 - Cameron Considering Oceanic Imax Project (Reuters)
"Titanic" director James Cameron is considering making a 3-D Imax movie from footage he's shooting for ABC on underwater exploration. Cameron's own production company, Lightstorm Entertainment, also has an Imax project in the works. Some two years in development, the still-untitled dramatic feature would revolve around the fictional tale of a first manned space trip to Mars. Cameron would produce and co-write a script but probably wouldn't direct'' the mission to Mars feature, Sanchini said. The feature's running time would be only 30-45 minutes.
6-Jun-2001 - War of the Worlds Returns For 2003 (SpaceDaily)
Newly formed Pendragon Pictures is gearing to produce a new rendition of the H.G. Wells classic War Of The Worlds. Described as a non-campy, live action production, the latest version will be directed by Timothy Hines and produced by Susan Goforth. Financed through an array of sources anchored with venture capital, Pendragon Pictures' production will be the first ever to feature the ten-story tall alien fighting machines.
3-Jun-2001 - Flight to Mars: Burning Man Theme Camp (2001) (
Seattle-area disc jockey planning performances at Mars Themed Camp at this years Burning Man. Burning Man is an extreme desert artistic fire festival that takes place the week leading up to Labor Day on the Black Rock desert of Nevada. Camp Mission Statement: The Flight To Mars theme camp is a massive space/time transition system which transports beings into a gyration arena on the surface of Mars. The name was inspired by a mysterious seattle funhouse which we believe was transported to the red planet to make room for the EMP (Experience Music Project). Our engineering bio-drones will create this edifice in Black Rock City, NV for Burning Man- August 27, 2001.
27-May-2001 - Wells's Martians start legal war (The Sunday Times)
The War of the Worlds, HG Wells's epic tale of monstrous invaders from the red planet Mars, is to be restaged in a project that has triggered a parallel conflict in the equally hostile environment of an American courtroom. Lawyers are lining up to protect their clients' share of a £40m retelling of the original short story published in a magazine in 1898. In a first for American cinema, the film is being funded by a group of Seattle dotcom entrepreneurs who are big fans of the pioneering social critic.
15-May-2001 - Cannes Film Festival briefs (Reuters)
"Wing Commander" director and videogame creator Chris Roberts has launched production shingle Point of No Return, based in Los Angeles. Point of No Return aims to produce 12 films over a five years as well as TV series and interactive projects. One production is "Earthfall," a thriller set on a Mars colony in 2812 and budgeted at $40 million-$60 million.
14-May-2001 - Mars Matrix (eUniverseGames)
"Half a century has passed since the colonization of Mars and life on the red planet is productive and peaceful. Earth has placed the Mars Development Agency(MDA) in control of Mars' self-governing sectors, yet retains a tight grip on its colony. Without warning, an ominous transmission is received on Earth declaring Martian independence and now all contact with Mars is lost. Now, the threat of war with Mars has Earth seeing red. Massive fleets of experimental, yet very powerful new fighters are on their way to Mars on a mission that could escalate into inter-planetary war."
13-Apr-2001 - Lips to Make Feature Film (Rolling Stone)
When you've recorded a four-disc set requiring the simultaneous playback of all four and composed a symphony expressly for a forty-piece boombox orchestra, the logical next move would be to write, direct, produce, score and star in a futuristic epic where stranded space colonists celebrate the first Martian Noel with an alien replacing Santa (who killed himself). Logical that is, if you're the avant-garde, neo-psychedelic, sonic visionaries known as the Flaming Lips. Lips' wizard Wayne Coyne is developing his debut full-length feature film, First Christmas on Mars, and hopes to begin production this summer in his native Oklahoma.
24-Mar-2001 - GHOSTS OF MARS larger, clearer trailer! (Ain't it Cool News)
Hey folks, Harry here with an upgrade to the trailer for GHOSTS OF MARS that Smiling Jack had up yesterday... Sony has gone and posted a high and low res rendition of the first teaser for John Carpenter's latest film. And though I looked really, really hard... no Harry head yet. But hey... that's cool...
23-Mar-2001 - GHOSTS OF MARS trailer (Ain't it Cool News)
Old time AICN-man Smiling Jack Ruby has scored a cool trailer that we're all waiting on... JOHN CARPENTER'S GHOSTS OF MARS!!! The trailer is so small though, that details are hard to make out, so I can't see my head (if it is there at all) and sometimes the action seems to just be pixels moving... but I dig the way the trailer is cut and the music... which is just... cool.
2-Jan-2001 - Actor Ray Walston Dies (AP)
Ray Walston, who played the lovable extraterrestrial Uncle Martin on the 1960s sitcom "My Favorite Martian" and the devil in the Broadway musical "Damn Yankees," has died. He was 86. In "My Favorite Martian," Walston played opposite Bill Bixby as a Martian stranded on Earth. His antennae-sprouting alien character masqueraded as Bixby's "Uncle Martin" and spent most of his time trying to conceal his identity from curious Earthlings.
10-Dec-2000 - Mars Bar or eye-candy? (The Sydney Morning Herald)
Expensive American flick Red Planet has all the right science fiction trimmings and a great cast. But its method of trying to disguise a dumb story is merely to increase the plotting speed. So, by the last third, characters are whizzing by like hailstones, plot twists are mini-soap operas and the effect is of too-rich batter churned by electric beaters at high speed. One plus is the technological and human eye-candy. The science fiction gadgets are first class. These alone make Red Planet worth a look by sci-fi movie buffs.
3-Dec-2000 - The man from the angry planet (The Sun-Herald)
The actor with the worst reputation in Hollywood has shot two movies in Australia, the 1996 horror movie bomb The Island Of Dr Moreau and the about-to-be-released science fiction bomb (if highly unflattering US reviews are to be believed) Red Planet. On both occasions Kilmer's alleged on-set antics became the talk of the movie industry, causing controversy and embarrassment all around.
21-Nov-2000 - James Cameron Tests TV Waters (Yahoo! News)
The project Cameron's most excited about is a miniseries he's developing for Fox on the first manned expedition to Mars. In many ways, it's his pet project. "The reason I started reading science fiction as a kid is because I love space," he says, spewing out facts about moon landings and interplanetary travel. Having already researched the project for more than a year, Cameron is planning to film the series documentary-style. While the TV program will focus on the characters, Cameron will also shoot an IMAX 3-D film that plays up the poetic visuals of the Mars journey. He'll also write it in book form. "It's a novel. It's a script. It's a floor polish. It's a dessert topping," he jokes.
15-Nov-2000 - Red Planet Review (Bad Astronomy)
The second of a series of Mars movies is out, and it is my great pleasure to say that Red Planet'' is vastly better than Mission to Mars''. Of course, the stomach flu is better than Mission to Mars''. Anyway, I was dreading watching RP since the critics had nearly universally panned it (with the exception, notably, of Roger Ebert), but I found it to be an enjoyable film. It's possible that my opinion was swayed by expecting something horrible, and thus thinking it was a lot better than it really was. But I do really think it was a fun flick. Of course, it did make a few astronomy mistakes! It also got some interesting things right as well. Want to know more? Then read my detailed review! As always, with a newly released movie, I place the review on a different page so as not to spoil the details for people who have not yet seen it.
13-Nov-2000 - SETI's Seth Shostak Reviews Red Planet (
It’s 2052, and our descendants are choking on the wretched refuse of their own technology. In a last-ditch effort to forestall environmental Armageddon, Earth takes a cue from the playbook of countless fictional aliens and looks for salvation on another world, in this case Mars. Robotic craft have been sent to melt the polar caps and seed the planet with blue-green algae in a barely plausible bid to produce a warm, breathable atmosphere.
10-Nov-2000 - Hollywood Rolls Out Red Carpet For Red Planet Stars (
Val Kilmer made one small step onto the red carpet at Red Planet’s Hollywood premiere, and made one giant leap for hype kind. But even Kilmer’s star power was eclipsed by the gravitational attraction the press corps had for Red Planet costar Benjamin Bratt’s stellar companion, Julia Roberts. For a film about a planet with a thin atmosphere, there was reportedly a lot of friction on the set. First, NASA decided not to cooperate with film because of the script’s depiction of combative astronauts. Second, press reported Val Kilmer and costar Tom Sizemore at odds throughout the shooting. Sizemore’s and Kilmer’s people both denied any conflict. Adding fuel to the fire, Sizemore maintained strict radio silence at the premiere.
8-Nov-2000 - At the Movies: `Red Planet' (AP)
By 2050, the overpopulated Earth has been depleted of its resources. The atmosphere is poisoned and slowly dying. Even the frogs are extinct. The solution: find a potentially hospitable planet for colonization. Hence, the Mars Terraforming Project, which has strewn algae over a stretch of Mars in an effort to create enough oxygen to sustain human life. The mechanism for transmitting data on the experiment has failed, and a manned spaceship, commanded by Carrie-Anne Moss, has been launched to investigate. This is the premise of Red Planet,'' a mildly diverting adventure film for those who enjoy thrills and shocks without having to think too much.
7-Nov-2000 - ''Red Planet'' is more space junk (Reuters)
Warning, spoilers!! Mars will be far off Hollywood's travel itinerary for some time to come after, first, Mission to Mars'' and now this second lousy picture of the year set on that most speculated-about Earthly neighbor. As dull and arid as a hike through the desert, which is essentially what the film documents, Red Planet'' purports to be the most realistic'' account of an interplanetary journey ever put onscreen, but that's no excuse for its staggering lack of dramatic incident and narrative excitement. While the $111 million in worldwide box office accumulated by Mission to Mars'' suggests that this sort of project can attract a measure of commercial support based on the subject matter alone, tepid word-of-mouth should send this Warner Bros. release into a tailspin shortly after launch.
3-Nov-2000 - Win Tickets to Red Planet & Qualify to Win a Trip to U.S. Space Camp! (
Win tickets to a special preview screening of Warner Bros.' upcoming release Red Planet and qualify to win a weekend trip to U.S. Space Camp. Enter by submitting your name, street and e-mail address as well as preferred screening city/date in the form below.
31-Oct-2000 - Novelization Makes the Most of 'Red Planet' (
Warning: spoilers ahead! Peter Telep has churned out his share of novelizations and media tie-in books, and he’s put that experience to good use in his novelization of the upcoming movie Red Planet (Ace Books, $6.99 paperback). Like the stranded astronauts of the story, he makes the best of what he has, and the result is a decent though slightly ludicrous adventure novel. In the year 2050, humanity has been terraforming Mars for 28 years. Nuclear blasts have melted some of the polar ice caps and thousands of packages of algae have been dropped on the surface. Everything seems to be going well – until the oxygen level takes a nose-dive and the automated probes on the surface stop sending readings.
29-Oct-2000 - Creative space: NASA at the movies (San Francisco Examiner)
There are two solar systems - NASA's and Hollywood's - and the twain don't always meet. NASA would like to send humans to Mars, if Congress would bankroll the mission. But Hollywood filmmakers have sent humans to Mars for decades, ever since Buster Crabbe piloted giant Roman candles across the cosmos of Depression-era America. More recently, new digital technologies have allowed movie-makers to depict extraordinarily realistic-looking Mars flights. Digitally realized space odysseys include last winter's "Mission to Mars" and the forthcoming 50-odd-million-dollar "Red Planet," plus the recent orbital comedy-drama "Space Cowboys."
27-Oct-2000 - Red Planet Stars Get Spacey (
While the cast of the upcoming movie Red Planet are pumped to be in a interplanetary adventure onscreen, not all would want a real-life ticket to Mars. In the film, Carrie-Anne Moss plays the stubborn commander of a last-ditch mission to Mars. It's a natural role for the Matrix star hailed to by one reporter as "an action diva in a man's world" and by another as the successor to Sigourney "Alien" Weaver. Months after filming, her fellow cast members still half-seriously refer to her as "our captain."
4-Oct-2000 - Director James Cameron gets weightless for Mars (Reuters)
Director James Cameron declared himself king of the world when he won Oscars for "Titanic" and now he wants to be king of Mars, going so far as to experience weightlessness to prepare for two Red Planet movie adventures he is co-writing and producing. As part of his research for the films, and a novel he is helping to write about Mars, Cameron recently flew on the Russian aircraft used to introduce cosmonaut trainees to weightlessness, Rae Sanchini, president of Cameron's production company, Lightstorm Entertainment, said Wednesday.
29-Sep-2000 - Top 10 Video Rentals -- Week Ended Sept. 24 (Reuters)
The following is the trade group's list of the top 10 U.S. rental videos for the week. Shown are latest rank / previous week's rank (+ denotes new release), movie title, number of weeks in release, weekly earnings and total earnings in millions of dollars.2/2 Mission to Mars 2 $ 5.04 $11.34
22-Sep-2000 - Top 10 Video Rentals -- Week Ended Sept. 17 (Reuters)
The following is the trade group's list of the top 10 U.S. rental videos for the week. Shown are latest rank / previous week's rank (+ denotes new release), movie title, number of weeks in release, weekly earnings and total earnings in millions of dollars. 2/+ Mission to Mars 1 $ 6.28 $ 6.30
21-Sep-2000 - The New TV Space Race? (Yahoo! News)
NBC may have snagged Mark Burnett's spacey new reality series Destination Mir, but it was just a matter of time before the other networks would start itching for their own Tang-drinking, zero-gravity adventures. In what's become an almost Cold War-like race to outgun the reality-show competition, now comes word that the other major networks are scurrying to blast more regular folks into orbit. According to The New York Times, CBS, ABC and Fox all met this week with a company called Dreamtime Holdings (, which is pitching a show using NASA's Houston training facilities to prep 20 contestants for a journey to the new International Space Station. Except there's just one teensy problem: NASA hasn't heard about it. Although eager to raise the bar on adventure TV programming, network execs remain skeptical that space is indeed the final frontier for reality television. And for now, ABC may have the best idea: The network is staying a bit more grounded for Life on Mars, a new show putting people into a house that merely recreates the living conditions on Mars.
11-Sep-2000 - Fandom Inc. Launches 3D Virtual Worlds (Fandom Inc)
Ever wanted to colonize the planet Mars, or visit the underwater paradise of Atlantis? Now you can, when you surf to Fandom Inc., the number one choice for genre entertainment, today announced the launch (at 5 p.m. PST) of Fandom Worlds -- online communities that permit users to enter, move about and interact with others in real time within computer-generated, three-dimensional virtual environments.
08-Sep-2000 - Mission to Mars DVD (
Movie synopsis and DVD review...
29-Aug-2000 - James Cameron Crosses to the 'Dark' Side (New York Post)
Besides "Dark Angel," Cameron had also been expected to produce a miniseries for Fox based on the best-selling "Mars" trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson. But he has abandoned the project, explaining that "these books would not be well served in television and the story was too big a meal for a feature film."
21-Aug-2000 - Red Planet: Official Site Images (
The image of Val and Tom with the "weird" substance on their faces is really their sweat turning into ice as night falls on the planet Mars. This takes place during one of my more favorite scenes.
20-Aug-2000 - Red Planet: Official Site Images (
With nearly FOUR months left until the movie RED PLANET hits theaters, the official site has opened up to have a huge number of images. The images depict everything from the astronauts en route to Mars to the astronauts on the planet.
7-Aug-2000 - Space agency shoots for stars of the Hollywood variety (Houston Chronicle)
Making movies may not be rocket science but NASA researcher Kathryn Clark knows one way to reach the stars is to start with luminaries of the Hollywood variety. Clark and other scientists are increasingly helping Hollywood actors and filmmakers make sci-fi movies as realistic as possible in an effort to fire the public's interest in space exploration.
7-Aug-2000 - Red Planet: Official Images (
Finally the first real large group of images have been released for this movie...
2-Aug-2000 - Species Chick Goes to Mars (Mr. ShowBiz)
When Courtney Love bowed out of the sci-fi action flick Ghosts of Mars — partly due to an injured ankle, partly due to trouble on the set, according to US Weekly — producers needed a tough, ass-kicking babe to take her place.
2-Aug-2000 - Ice Cube Goes to Mars (Yahoo! News)
Just when you thought Ice Cube couldn't get much higher than his all-star Up in Smoke tour, the rapper is now heading to Mars. Or at least New Mexico. As originally planned, the rapper-turned-actor has parted ways with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and company to begin work on John Carpenter's Ghost of Mars, the action sci-fi flick that begins shooting this week in New Mexico.
29-Jul-2000 - Natasha Henstridge lands the lead role in John Carpenter's GHOSTS OF MARS (Ain't it Cool News)
Hey folks, Harry here. I can absolutely put to rest any ongoing lingering rumors about the casting of the lead role in GHOSTS OF MARS. In yesterday's story, Moriarty ended the piece saying that Natasha Henstridge was being favored for the lead role... well as of about 2 hours ago, the ink dried and she is in.
18-Jul-2000 - Warner Brothers Commences Red Planet Publicity (IGN FilmForce)
All I can say is, it's about time we had some news, and more directly... good news, concerning Red Planet. It's been pretty dry for a while, but hopefully things will pick up now that the first phase of the marketing campaign appears to be officially underway.
16-Jul-2000 - Teaser Trailer (
The teaser trailer for the movie RED PLANET is great, as most teaser trailers are. But honestly, I'm a little confused about the plot to the movie. It was my understanding that the movie dealt with man's survival on the hostile planet of Mars, but the trailer makes it out to be Man vs. Nature vs. a robot. Also, is this movie a horror movie (ie the tagline to the movie "The Color of Fear") or a sci fi one?
9-Jun-2000 - Clea DuVall Closes in on Carpenter's 'Ghost' (Reuters)
Clea DuVall is in final negotiations to co-star in the sci-fi action thriller John Carpenter's Ghost of Mars,'' opposite Courtney Love and Ice Cube.
19-Apr-2000 - Martian Gothic: Unification (Gamers Central)
Developed by Talonsoft, Martian Gothic is an action-adventure with an intriguing twist: The three player-controlled characters must never meet each other. In 2009 Earth establishes Vita base on Mars. The humans hope to study Martian bacteria, but something goes horribly wrong and in 2018 Earth receives Vita's last signal, "If you send another manned craft, warn the crew — stay alone, stay alive." But Earthlings never quit easily and within a year a manned rescue flight lands at Vita base.
14-Apr-2000 - What's the difference, anyway? (
Highlighted differences between the movie MISSION TO MARS and the script to the movie. Did you know that the script featured a launch scene of the Mars 2 crew leaving the Earth and that the Mars 1 astronauts were killed in a different manner?
11-Apr-2000 - Men Are From Mars And So's Britney Spears (
Never one to fall behind the curve, teeny-bop sensation Britney Spears has set her sights on outer space. In the promotional video to her song "Oops! ... I Did It Again", the title track to her upcoming second studio album, Spears wears a red spacesuit and cavorts with astronauts on a trip to Mars.
10-Apr-2000 - Courtney Love & Ice Cube Go to Mars (Mr. Showbiz)
Rocker-actress Courtney Love is in final negotiations to star opposite Ice Cube in John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars.
30-Mar-2000 - Mars - Pioneering a Planet (TLC)
Mars - Pioneering a Planet is a BBC production airing this weekend on The Learning Channel (TLC). This weekends edition will be one hour long and will feature some Mars Society members. A 2 hour version will air later this summer.
17-Mar-2000 - "On Mars" Saturday, March 18 (
Early in the next century, the long-held dream of a manned mission to Mars may become a reality. Experts say it's not only technologically feasible and scientifically valid, but could yield unimaginable insight into the natural history of our own planet.
14-Mar-2000 - Courtney Love Going to 'Mars'? (
Rumor has it that grunge diva Courtney Love is up for a starring role in the upcoming science fiction film, Ghosts of Mars.
12-Mar-2000 - Mission Control: Masses Go To Mars at the Box Office (Mr. Showbiz)
The critics hated it. Moviegoers, as so often happens, couldn't have cared less. The movie's potent performance is perhaps most attributable to its eye-popping special effects, the ever-reliable attraction of plucky humans in peril, and the durable mystique of Earth's red neighbor.
12-Mar-2000 - 'Mission to Mars' Soars to No. 1 (Yahoo! News)
"Mission to Mars" rocketed to the top of the box office in its opening weekend with $23.1 million in ticket sales as audiences starved for "event films" flocked to the special-effects flick, according to industry estimates Sunday.
10-Mar-2000 - The fans of Mars (The Economist)
A growing movement hopes to capitalise on public interest in the red planet to pay for research—and to build support for a manned mission.
10-Mar-2000 - Aliens still invade our imaginations (USA Today)
First, they wanted to enslave us. Then they wanted to kill us. Now, they want to share the universe's secrets with us. Mars and its fictional life forms have fascinated humans for centuries - and inhabited the universe of film for decades. And even in their most evil incarnations, moviegoers have embraced them.
10-Mar-2000 - Raising the Mars Bar (EON Magazine)
Gary Sinise has appeared everywhere from Broadway to the Wild West (THE QUICK AND THE DEAD) to the jungles of Vietnam in FORREST GUMP. He also has a penchant for doing the big things twice—he’s played two famous politicians (Harry S. Truman and George Wallace), and with MISSION TO MARS, he’s going back to space after playing another ill-fated astronaut in APOLLO 13.
10-Mar-2000 - M2M Production Notes (
The production notes for the movie M2M have been released. They include details of cast selection, story synopsis, aspects of project conception, and character development.
10-Mar-2000 - Mars My Destination: The Golden Age of Red Planet Film (
With talk of real Mars missions in the early decades of the new century, cinematic trips to the Red Planet have once again become fashionable. Once again, accuracy has taken a back seat to storytelling. But maybe this new crop of Mars movies will help spur audiences to demand the real thing. And then today's 5-year-olds won't have to be satisfied with watching science fiction voyages.
6-Mar-2000 - Coaching the Stars: The Pro Behind M2M's Spacewalks (
When you watch the actors in Mission to Mars walk in "space," you can rest assured a pro taught them how. Former astronaut Joe Allen, one of the first to go extra-vehicular in space without a tether, was a technical adviser for the film, which opens March 10.
3-Mar-2000 - Mission to Mars: Red Planet Beckons De Palma, Story Musgrave (
The advance word is that accuracy rules in Disney's Mission to Mars. The first of two Mars-themed movies coming out this year (Warner Brothers' Red Planet opens November 10), Mission has been a NASA-friendly project from the start.
2-Mar-2000 - Win Mission to Mars Movie Tickets (
Win tickets to a special preview in select cities of Touchstone Pictures upcoming release, Mission to Mars starring Gary Sinise, Tim Robbins, Don Cheadle, Kim Delaney, and Jerry O'Connell.
2-Mar-2000 - National Space Society’s Educational Supplement for MISSION TO MARS (National Space Society)
The National Space Society has produced an educational supplement for MISSION TO MARS, about the first human missions to Mars. The new movie from Touchstone Pictures opens nationwide, March 10. The NSS supplement, which will be included in 35 newspapers and magazines nationwide during the coming week, is designed to provide background on the movie and factual information about Mars exploration. The National Space Society is extremely grateful to Lockheed Martin for sponsorship of this NSS public education program.
2-Mar-2000 - YouthStream's Network Event Theatre Previews Mission to Mars (
Touchstone Pictures, in cooperation with, presents a special digital satellite screening of Mission To Mars. Click to see a list of schools (and their venues) participating in the free advance screening of Mission To Mars.
23-Feb-2000 - Writing the Red Planet: Ted Tally Talks M2M (
Ted Tally has earned a reputation in Hollywood for developing strong characters within genre conventions. He won an Oscar in 1992 for his adapted screenplay of The Silence of the Lambs. Most recently, he was brought on to rewrite the script to Mission to Mars in an effort to enrich the characters, saving the film from becoming yet another piece of sci-fi twaddle "about hardware and science."
18-Feb-2000 - More Red Planet Toys (
A few more images of the upcoming RED PLANET toys have been photographed at this year's Toy Fair. This time, the figures consist mostly of the smaller scale ones.
18-Feb-2000 - Sneak Peak: The Look of Mission to Mars (
For the upcoming film Mission to Mars, veteran production designer Ed Verreaux led the team responsible for the look of all the space equipment. Verreaux, whose design credits include Contact and Raiders of the Lost Ark, is no stranger to difficult assignments, but designing for the future provided its own special set of challenges.
13-Feb-2000 - Red Planet Toys (
These are pictures of prototype toys that should appear on store shelves sometime this year.
11-Feb-2000 - Mission to Mars: Official Site Images (
The latest batch of images from the official site include images of the spacesuits, the landscape and the spaceship that travels to Mars. Most of the images included here are pre-production art pieces. There's a lot of hard design work that goes into every movie and only a bit of it is included here.
4-Feb-2000 - Mission Avoided, Red Planet Delayed (Mr. Showbiz)
In the battle of the epic Mars flicks, Warner Bros. is blinking first. The studio has moved its Mars-themed Red Planet back nearly four months, from June 16 to Nov. 10. That leaves Mission to Mars, the offering from rival Disney, a clear takeoff March 10.
4-Feb-2000 - WB grounds "Red Planet" mission (Yahoo! News)
It's going to be a Mars-less summer, with Warner Bros. moving Red Planet, its tale of the first manned mission to Mars, back nearly four months, to Nov. 10 from June 16. It's the second backward move for Red Planet, which stars Val Kilmer, Benjamin Bratt, Carrie-Anne Moss and Tom Sizemore. The studio's original plan was to open March 31, but Disney announced last fall it had staked out March 10 for Mission to Mars, persuading Warner to try the summer instead.
1-Feb-2000 - The Suits (
The official site for the movie MISSION TO MARS has released a few more images. All of the new images (including production sketches) feature the space suits worn by the astronauts on their "mission" to Mars.
30-Jan-2000 - M2M Site Information (
The "Mission To Mars" movie site houses a wide variety of "Mars"-related excitement and information, including a movie trailer, the challenging six-part "Mission to Mars" Adventure game, movie information, regularly updated exclusive movie stills and production sketches, as well as links to a variety of science-oriented Web sites.
28-Jan-2000 - "Mission to Mars" Movie Web Site Blasts Off With Awesome Online Television Ad During This Year's SuperBowl (Excite News)
While Touchstone Pictures' exciting big screen "Mission To Mars" movie does not open until March 10, 2000, space enthusiasts every where will have online access to the "Mission To Mars" television ad developed specifically for this year's SuperBowl XXXIV.
26-Jan-2000 - Images From the "Space Room" (
These two images from the movie MISSION TO MARS depict the "SPACE ROOM". This room essentially tells the billions of years of history of the planet Mars in a matter of minutes. Thanks go to Ain't-It-Cool-News.
21-Jan-2000 - First Official Images (
The first "true" official images have been released through the official site for the movie RED PLANET. The movie will be released June 16, 2000.
19-Jan-2000 - Even More Mission to Mars Images (
These are the nicest images that have been released, so far, from the upcoming movie MISSION TO MARS. The left image may be the one used on the final poster for the movie.
18-Jan-2000 - More Mission to Mars Images (
The movie Mission to Mars is set to launch March 10, 2000. Teaser images are beginning to pop up on various Internet sites. Here is a set spotted by the webmaster of
14-Jan-2000 - Mission to Mars Official Site Images (
The first major set of images have been released through the official site for the movie MISSION TO MARS. The images depict everything from portraits of the major characters to wide vistas of the planet Mars.
22-Dec-1999 - Hollywood feels Mars ready for its close-up (The Toronto Star)
There are currently four Mars films in the works, which are already being hyped on the Web, and James Cameron is behind two of them. He is preparing an IMAX 3-D movie and a television miniseries for the spring of 2001, about the first humans to visit Mars. The shows will likely have the same cast and overlapping stories.
22-Dec-1999 - Mars Movie Madness! (Survive
A new web site has been launched this month... Survive's mission is to cover all of the movies and television shows that deal with the exploration of the planet Mars. Movies that are currently being covered include: Mission to Mars, Red Planet, and Mars Imax 3D.
3-Dec-1999 - Mars Movie Looks to NASA for Help (
While real-life NASA scientists search for water on Mars, astronauts in Hollywood’s "Mission to Mars" have already found it. From conception through completion of "Mission to Mars", the next movie from veteran action-movie director Brian DePalma, NASA was on hand to provide input to the script, including the cinematic invention of the discovery of water.
15-Nov-1999 - Red Planet, First Look (Dangerous Universe)
On Friday, November 12, Entertainment Tonite aired a short piece about the upcoming movie RED PLANET.
1-Nov-1999 - M2M by a Nose? (Dangerous Universe)
It appears as if M2M will be the first Mars movie to make it into theaters next year. Look for it on screens March 10, 2000.
17-Oct-1999 - Hollywood Renews Love Affair With Mars (Reuters)
The last time the Red Planet loomed large on the big screen -- during the 1950s and 1960s -- it was the Martians who typically visited Earth. This time around, Earthlings are venturing to Mars.
15-Oct-1999 - John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars Gets the Go-Ahead (IGN Sci-Fi)
Ghosts of Mars is set 200 years in the future and concerns itself with human colonists on Mars who are possessed by vengeful Martian ghosts.
30-Aug-1999 - Hollywood meets NASA on future Mars mission (UPI)
Moviemakers have begun working on the $100 million Mission to Mars film in Vancouver, British Columbia. Among a cast of Hollywood actors-turned-astronauts on a 55- acre plot of sand dunes converted to red planet terra firma, are ex- space walkers, a Mars Pathfinder geologist, and NASA's chief scientist for the International Space Station.
25-Aug-1999 - Cameron Sending Two Missions to Mars (
James Cameron has a red planet on his mind. In the next 18 months, he'll produce a TV miniseries and an IMAX film, both depicting the first small steps humankind takes on Mars.
16-Aug-1999 - Mars, More Lies for Cameron? (Mr. Showbiz)
Cameron is working on one of three dueling Mars projects. How to go bigger than Titanic, still the biggest film of all time? Cameron is unveiling a Mars miniseries for Fox and a related Imax film, both will be ready in 2001.
16-Aug-1999 - Cameron Chronicles Martian Projects (E! Online)
For filmmaker James Cameron, 2001 will indeed be a space odyssey. Speaking at the University of Colorado's Annual Mars Society conference to a collection of scientists, engineers and space geeks, Cameron offered up details on two red planet-themed projects he plans to premiere in two years.
15-Aug-1999 - James Cameron tells of plans for MARS miniseries & IMAX 3D!!! (Ain't It Cool News)
Today James Cameron told a group of 1,000 precisely what his future plans are. This was at the 2nd Annual Mars Society conference. He not only described his two upcoming projects in detail, but showed many pre-production computer renderings.