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Radio Free Mars is an Internet radio program that features interviews with newsmakers and special guests surrounding the exploration of the Red Planet.

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Upcoming Programs

The Martian Revelation Cometh!

Gary Legierre AKA "The Mars Revealer" presents his latest installment of The Martian Revelation on Saturday, August 16th at 6PM Pacific / 9PM Eastern. Gary is the "Howard Stern" of space talk radio, and this time his guests will be technology visionary "Micro Mike" and James Burk, the Editor-in-Chief of MarsNews.com & Host of "Radio Free Mars".

You can listen to the program live on the Internet free using Live365.com; click on the first link above to listen. The show will be replayed for the next week using the same stream.

Tuesday, April 29th, 2003
Wayne Smith

Wayne Smith is the original founder of the pro-nuclear space movement. This program will focus on past and future efforts researching space nuclear power including Project Orion, a 1960s program that was cancelled before launching missions to Mars & Saturn, and NASA's new program Project Prometheus, which is currently planned to launch a mission to Jupiter's moons sometime late this decade.

(This interview has been complete, but we haven't yet produced the radio show due to lack of resources for this project. We hope to resume production & release this show before the end of the year.)

History of Mars Exploration
(Guest TBA)

Host James Burk provides a history of the past exploration of the Red Planet. We'll look at the early Mariner flybys, Mariner 9, Viking, Mars Pathfinder, Mars Polar Lander, and current Mars missions: Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey, and Japan's Nozomi.

(This program is almost complete, and we hope to release it in the near future.)

Mars Gravity Biosatellite Project
(Guest TBA; Subject to change)

We'll interview a guest from the Mars Gravity Biosatellite Project sponsored by NASA and the Mars Society.


Listen Now to the Latest Program

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10-Jul - Meet the Couple Who Could Be the First Humans to Travel to Mars (Wired)
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08-Jul - NASA finalizes contract to build the most powerful rocket ever (Los Angeles Times)
07-Jul - Dropship offers safe landings for Mars rovers (ESA)
02-Jul - Martian salts must touch ice to make liquid water, study shows (University of Michigan)
30-Jun - Mars One announces Request for Proposals for 2018 Mars lander payloads (Mars One)
29-Jun - June 30th Deadline -- 2014 Mars Society Convention Abstract Submission & Early Registration (The Mars Society)
27-Jun - Congressman Posey: We Need Neil DeGrasse Tyson To Get People Excited About Going To Mars (The Huffington Post)
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25-Jun - Unity on Mars mission easier said than done (USA TODAY)
24-Jun - Next stop - Mars: China aims to send rover to Red Planet within six years (South China Morning Post)
24-Jun - Aluminum-Bearing Site on Mars Draws NASA Visitor (NASA)
23-Jun - India’s 1st Mars Mission Celebrates 100 Days and 100 Million Kilometers from Mars Orbit Insertion Firing – Cruising Right behind NASA’s MAVEN (Universe Today)
19-Jun - Book review: The Long Mars by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter (London24)
19-Jun - Comet’s Brush With Mars Offers Opportunity, Not Danger (University of Maryland)
18-Jun - SpaceX says it will put humans on Mars by 2026, almost 10 years ahead of NASA (ExtremeTech)
17-Jun - Mars Technologies Spawn Durable Wind Turbines (NASA)
16-Jun - Incredible Technology: Private Mars Mission Could Return Samples by 2020 (Space.com)
10-Jun - No wind chill on Mars (Science News)
09-Jun - Want to design a Mars base for NASA? Now’s your chance (Ars Technica)

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